~Dr. Clark is a wonderful woman dedicated to God and her clients.  She saved my life.  I am always grateful for her kindness and insight.

Kelly  S. Rocky Mountain, NC

~I was very skeptical about hypnosis because all you ever see is people doing foolish things on television.  Dr. Clark took time to educate me on what hypnosis really is…nothing more than relaxation and meditation.  It is the best feeling I have ever felt. It was so peaceful

George G.  Raleigh, NC

~A friend of mine told me about Dr. Clark and I came all the way from Greenville, NC to have sessions with her. She helped me to love myself.  As a result I am a better parent, friend, colleague.  If I had known it would be this easy…I sure would have done it a long time ago.

Tiffany A. Charlotte, NC

~I was struggling with addiction. I had been in rehab several times but I kept relapsing.  I felt like there was no hope.  I called her for over a year and asked her a ton of questions.  She was very patient and always returned my phone calls. It took 7 weeks, but after 7 weeks I am clean and sober. To me, the time I invested was priceless.

Anonymous, Charlotte, NC

~ I had been diagnosed with a terminal illness.  I was extremely stressed and depressed. The life I had was miserable.  I was leaving my children and my wife.  I didn’t know when. I was angry.  She helped me develop my own personal relationship with my God.  I began to focus on the quality of life, not the quantity. She taught me hypnotic prayer, a life changer. The dash is the most important part of my time here on earth. Don’t waste precious time.

Terminal Illness, Charlotte, NC

By Dr. Deirdre Clark-Collett

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