Dr. Deirdre Clark

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

Dr. Clark is in the people business this is a broad category but it all relates to people and relationships, how they relate to themselves and others, the workplace, at home, the courtroom so many places.  This includes advocacy, speaking, business & litigation consulting, observing, assessing and advising.  Who says you have to limit your interests???  I choose my path, will you choose yours?

Areas of Specialty:

Athletic Performance Enhancement Programs  (Private coaching programs are for professional athletes only by invitation)

Fabulous Life Club/Fabulous Life Living Programs (Private coaching programs are available upon request)

Conversations with God  (Private coaching programs for spiritual enhancement, faith building, overcoming grief, dealing with death/dying)

Crisis Management/ADR Consulting

888-682-5011 or 704 707 4860

1913 J N Pease Place, Suite 104

Charlotte, NC 28262

Dr. Deirdre Clark-Collett

Founder of the Fabulous LIfe Club

Author of 10 Easy Steps To a Fabulous Life

As a Doctor of Chiropractic, Naturopathy and a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Dr. Clark focuses on the success of her patients and clients.  She is the Author of 10 Easy Steps to a Fabulous Life and the Founder of the Fabulous Life Club. Dr. Clark works relentlessly to provide avenues to improve and enhance the lives of her clients and club members. As the founder of the Fabulous Life Club she has created an avenue to assist women and girls from 8 to 88 in achieving a fabulous life. Change your mind, change your life!

The Fabulous Life Club provides an interactive platform for members to overcome issues of self-esteem, relationships, abuse/trauma, confidence, fears and phobias and so much more.  Members participate in webinars, teleconferences, Skype sessions, objective advice for living and one on one calls.  This club will help you to change your life.  Don’t waste money on psychics, if you want real objective advice contact us we can help you.

This is a fun, new and exciting platform that encourages member interaction. The club is completely virtual and members can live anywhere in the world to participate.

We will be producing Webinars and Webisodes that will view the progress of members on their journey of achieving a fabulous life. The FLC will be an online televison show that allows for interaction from the members.  If you would like to participate a disclaimer and waiver is required.

All information provided to Dr. Clark is confidential and protected by HIPAA, it will not be shared with anyone without your written consent.  A copy of the privacy policy will be provided to every member. 

Dr. Clark-Collett brings has over 20 years of health and human services experience includes the following:

Clinical trial auditor including medical case reviewer for therapeutic efficacy and legal medical record reviewer, therapeutic areas:

  • Oncology- Diabetes- Colorectal Cancer- Gastrointestinal Disorders
  • Cardiovascular Disorders- Breast Cancer- Melanoma Multiple Myeloma-Sarcomas- Medical Devices- HIV/Infectious Disease

She also has experience in the fields of PEOPLE observing, helping and guiding:

  • Post Secondary Anatomy & Physiology Instruction
  • Social Work/Advocacy with Victims of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault
  • Qualified Mental Health Care Provider and Educator
  • Consultant for Disadvantaged and Minority Health Populations Issues
  • Healthcare Education Consultant
  • Public/Motivational Speaking-Keynote, Break Out Sessions
  • Litigation Consulting/Jury Selection/Witness Preparation
  • Crisis Management/ADR Consulting

Along with hypnosis and hypnotherapy Dr. Clark offers full speaker services, facilitator client/group centered seminars and workshops that address (mind, body and soul) which include:

  • Health Education and Workshops
  • Hypno-Life Coaching
  • Hypno-birthing (pregnancy)
  • Sexuality/Self Esteem workshops-Have the best sex ever!
  • Brainwash your kids for happiness and success
  • Overcome ADD & ADHD (kids/adults)
  • Cultural & Ethnic Diversity Issues
  • Interracial Dating/Marriage
  • Freedom from Prison (mentally and/or physically)
  • Mediation Services
  • Death preparation (working with clients and families of the terminally ill)

If you are interested in having Dr. Clark-Collett speak on any of the above topics please contact her at: www.fabulouslifeclub.com  www.drdeirdreclark.com

or call 704 707 4860. ( Her practice Matthews Hypnosis is now Fabulous Life Hypnosis) To order a copy of the ebook click the link below.



Media and Speaker Sheets Available.


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